One April, we were invited down to Florida for the taping of the very popular "Crank & Chrome" show (you can now see Sam and Dave in Two Guys Garage on the Speed Channel), for the installation of the MasterLube System on a big block Chevy El Camino project car. The taping was done over a two day period, during which Sam Memmolo and Dave Bowman installed an Electronically operated 2 Quart MasterLube PreLubrication/Accumulator Kit in the Chevy.

"Crank & Chrome" appeared on TNN every Saturday and Sunday. Besides the installation of the MasterLube PreLubrication system, they also gave additional exposure of our New TurboLube PreLubrication/Accumulator System on their "coffee break" segment.

Installation took about 1 hour to complete. The system was mounted on the driver's side front left corner of the engine compartment, and plumbed directly into an extra oil galley plug located by the stock oil filter. They mounted the electric switch in the dash, which was connected to a power source on the fuse block, to a location that only has power when the El Camino's key is in the "run" position. That was it! The installation was done!

Calibration of the system with the oil and compressed air charge was very simple, taking only a few minutes. Once the system was calibrated it only needed to be checked at oil changes under normal circumstances.

Sam and Dave were both impressive with our product, as it worked for them just as expected. They gave compliments to the MasterLube System for its unique concept, overall design, and very clean engineering! They were also complimentary on the ease of installation, and once installed, on the activation of the system. It Prelubricated that big block in less than 5 seconds. They are both been fans of Prelubricating an engine before it is started. With the the MasterLube System ability to prelubricate an expensive engine before it is started, it will extend the engine's life. We got a definite thumbs up from the crew at Crank & Chrome!

We had our product showing on a total of 8 C&C shows that year — 4 of them featured us on the "coffee break" section, and 4 more with the actual installation and use on the big block. If you had not previously watched the show, you can now find Sam and Dave by checking your local listing to see what channel the Two Guys Garage airs in your location. To check the Speed Channel listing of shows, go to their web site, and at the top of their page, select programs to find "Two Guys Garage " from the list of shows, OR... just click here to be taken to the "Two Guys Garage" show listing.

Overall, the product was very well received by the crew at "Crank & Chrome." We had a great time during taping, and are excited to have had our product featured on such as well established, well watched weekend wrenchin' show! All of our systems are available for purchase, view our product line by clicking here!