The exclusive removable plug makes adding oil, or checking the System's oil level a simple process. The plug has an O-ring seal, and a standard air valve assembly for easy pressurization of the system. It also allows the release of pressure before removing the plug.
Aluminum alloy cylinder is available in different capacities and comes powder coated Black, Brushed Aluminum, or as an optional Highly Polished Aluminum. Extremely strong and light, the total system weight is only between 2 to 4 pounds.
Commercial quality, rubber-lined Steel or optional Stainless Steel band clamps included with the system, allowing for easy, solid mounting.
All units are supplied with a gauge that registers pressure in the cylinder. An optional stainless steel liquid filled gauge is also available.
A high quality steel braided Teflon® hose is included for connecting the system to your engine.
The heart of the Patented system is an innovative, commercial quality electronic valve with only one moving part. It will last millions of cycles and is so reliable, it carries a lifetime guarantee. It has the ability to retain pressure in the cylinder for years and is available in different flow rates for different applications.
MasterLube System includes:
Standard Black Paint or Brushed Aluminum
Electronic Valve
Aluminum Cylinder
Steel Band Clamps
Steel Braided Teflon® Hose
Installation Instructions
Lifetime Guarantee
High Flow Performance Valve
Liquid-filled Gauges
3-position Switches
Polished Aluminum Cylinder
Additional Hose Lengths
Stainless Steel Clamps
*Yellow cylinder shown. Cylinders are your choice of standard black or upgraded chrome.

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