Customer Pictures, Applications and Feedback

If you would like your application featured on this page please send us a CD with high resolution pictures including comments regarding the installation so that we can add them to the website. If you have any questions, please contact us, either by email or by telephone. Check out the installs on the side bar to the right and below.

"You people truly have come up with a winner. This thing is simple, effective and a true bolt on modification that is worth its weight in gold. A REAL bearing saver in my books and it absolutely is the best insurance to low oil pressure, especially for cars equipped with an automatic transmission. It has worked flawlessly since day one and because it has very few moving parts I can see why. Install it and leave it to do the job. Great Product!! You got my vote!" - W. Gowsell

Click on an image to see photos of the System installed in customer's vehicles.

'40 Willy

'58 Ferarri

John Deere Tractor

Marine Engine

Vortec Engine