Remote Cylinder Mounting Kit

This Kit allows you to Remote mount the MasterLube or TurboLube System Cylinder in the trunk, fender well, body panel or any remote location.

By remote mounting the Gauge and Schrader (Air) valve you can easily check and set the Calibration Gas Charge, when the Cylinder is mounted in a hidden or out of the way location. The Kit comes with a 2 ft. or optional 3 ft. -4 SS Braided Teflon Hose (longer hoses can be used if needed), JIC fittings & adaptors, and a versatile SS 21/2 inch gauge Bracket. (Gauge is not included, use the original supplied with the system).

Custom Length Hose

Gauge Mounting Kits

3 Quart Short

Laser Cut Stainless Steel Bracket

6th Generation Short Valve

Hose Kit

Chrome Upgrade Option