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Need to protect your investment? You can! By watching your engine's oil pressure gauge show oil pressure before your engine is even cranked over, knowing that, by PreLubricating your engine before it is started, you are reducing engine wear.

Do you enjoy a little racing or "hard" cornering and accelerating when you finally get a chance to drive your "investment"? Want to be secure in knowing that the oil pressure is not fluctuating during that hard cornering or acceleration?

The MasterLubeSystem works as both a prelubrication system and as an accumulator system — taking as little as 5 seconds to prelubricate your engine before starting it (the prelubrication), and keeping proper oil pressures during harsh driving conditions (the accumulator system), both of these reducing the excessive wear on your engine and extending it's life.

80% of all engine wear occurs when an engine is first started! This "Dry Start" damage is caused by a lack of lubrication on critical bearing and valvetrain surfaces due to oil that has drained back into the oil pan, leaving oil galleys empty and critical bearing surfaces dry. The resulting metal to metal contact, and friction, is PREVENTABLE!
An engine needs a constant, non-fluctuating supply of oil if it is to survive. If the oil pressure fluctuates in hard turns, heavy acceleration or braking, or at high rpm's, the engine will not last! This oil starvation is easily PREVENTABLE!
Damage caused by oil pressure fluctuations or oil starvation is accumulative. Parts that fail under these conditions will fail with little or no warning, and the end result is usually major engine damage that could have been PREVENTED.
The longer it is between engine startups, the longer it will take to get needed oil for lubrication to the bearings and valve train components, causing excessive wear — PreLubrication will PREVENT this "Dry Start" engine wear.

Whether you need to protect your vehicle from the metal-to-metal contact, and the wear that occurs when first starting your engine, or the potential for extreme engine damage that can occur if your oil pressure fluctuates when pushing your car past "regular" driving situations, MasterLube Industries has a system for you... one that protects your engine and extend its life.

The Patented MasterLube PreLubrication & Accumulator System it is designed to be permanently mounted on the vehicle, with an electronic switch to operate the system. It is a very efficient Prelubrication system as well Accumulator System capable of flowing a quart of protective oil in 5 seconds when needed.

If you do not want to mount a "Permanent" system in your vehicle, or if you have multiple vehicles to protect, then we offer the TurboLube PreLubrication System. By simply installing a unique "quick disconnect" fitting into any oil galley, you now have the ability to "couple" a TurboLube PreLubrication System to the fitting forcing oil into the engine, Once the engine is started, the TurboLube System will refill itself. It is then uncoupled from the "quick disconnect" fitting, and placed back into your garage or workshop, and you are ready to drive, all in less than a minute.

If you have any more questions about our system, please read through the web site, or feel free to call us and we'll discuss your needs.

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I think all engines should come equipped with a Masterlube system. It was so easy to install. Once installed, just push the button and it works! It even looks really good in the engine compartment"
— C. Roberts