Racing places very high demands on an engine and its oiling system. Aside from generating greater amounts of horsepower than "stock" engines, racing engines are also required to function under severe acceleration, deceleration, violent burnouts, and high G-force side loads from going through the turns of a race track. Race boats do not deal with the effects of a racetrack, but suffer the effects of extremely rough water conditions, and can also need added protection.

It is under these inertial loads that stock oiling systems and even most high performance wet sump systems are inadequate, causing your oil pressure to fluctuate, cavitating the oil pump, not supplying adequate oil to the critical load bearing surfaces of your engine, and eventually leading to early and possibly extreme engine damage.


The Patented MasterLube PreLubrication and Accumulator Systems can be configured for any application. With over 12 years of development, our unique lightweight Patented design (only 2-4 pounds), uses state of the art materials and manufacturing techniques… you'll see why our unique system comes with a Lifetime Guarantee on our manufactured products. It is designed to protect and extend the life of any engine, any application - that is the purpose of our system, and that is our Goal!

Even the best built of engines using the strongest and most expensive parts can be damaged or even destroyed by an inadequate oiling system that is not designed or not able to properly protect your engine under harsh, and extreme conditions... conditions that can not be prevented, but must be endured. Oil is the "Life Giving Blood" of your engine!

Facts about the lack of consistent oil pressure:
Engine damage accumulates - every time your oil pressure fluctuates metal-to-metal contact can occur, causing wear, especially under load. When a part fails because of an oiling system problem or inadequacy, it usually will fail under load. If this is allowed to happen, the effects will be severe and expensive. This type of engine damage is "PREVENTABLE."
It has been proven and is considered both Common Sense as well as Common Knowledge that your engine needs a constant, sufficient volume, and uninterrupted flow of pressurized oil for lubrication if it is to survive… this especially important in all "High Performance Applications."
If an engine's oil pressure fluctuates after burnouts, at high Rpm's, or during deceleration, hard cornering, rough water conditions, that engine Will Not Last!
When an engine is run at high RPM's, 60% to 100% of the "usable" oil is trapped or has been pumped into the upper areas of the engine, "away" from the oil pump, and is not in the oil pan. This can lead to Oil Starvation when it is most needed by your engine. It is during acceleration, hard cornering, etc., or so called "Heavy Load Conditions", when failures occur.
Even if you have invested in expensive oil pans with trap doors, baffles, "check balls," or kick outs, If there is no oil, or an insufficient amount of oil in the pan, even the "Best" or most expensive oil pan on the market cannot keep enough oil around the pick up, the oil pressure will be unstable, allowing engine Damage!

These facts are considered common knowledge by Top mechanics, Elite engine builders, and Lubrication Engineers. Even if you are your own mechanic, you definitely know that a stable, constant flow of oil is the major factor in the overall life of your high performance engine. It has always been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. With different sizes and styles of the MasterLube and TurboLube Accumulator Systems available for Racing applications, you can now protect your engine with the world's best oil additive —"Pressure" — something that no oil additive can claim or accomplish!!

With our unique Patented system you can even PreLubricate that expensive engine before every start up, and have the assurance that by stabilizing your engines oil pressure, you have virtually eliminated a major factor that can cause your engine to fail.

If you do not see or can not find a MasterLube or TurboLube System that fits your application, let us know... we welcome the opportunity to custom build or prototype specialized units for you, usually at little or no extra cost. Even private Labeling is available for dealers and specific applications.

Because we maintain strict quality controls over the manufacturing of the MasterLube Systems, using American made components, we are confident that you will see why the product carries a Lifetime Guarantee. It's performance for you is Guaranteed... our primary goal for you is above all else to "Increase the life of your Engine."

Other Applications

Marine | Racing | Street Rod | Exotic • Collector | Motorcycle
Classic • Stock • Antiques | Commercial | Tow Vehicles | Aviation

"Under hard braking at the top end, the oil pressure would go to almost zero. After installing your MasterLube system, our pressure never drops below 40 PSI – even under the hardest braking. Your system is definitely a bearing saver, and is essentially a 'Dry Sump' for the racer on a budget. I also liked the fact that we can prelube the engine before we start it."
– P. Christensen