You have a choice: Rebuild your Engine Before it's Time or Prelubricate it Every Time...

Countless hours of work, and thousands of dollars are invested in your car. After all of the effort it takes to finish building the car, it will often sit for weeks or months without being started. When you finally get a chance to go driving, do you know what happens to your engine's load bearing surfaces? They have no oil on them because the car was sitting for so long. Why would you start your engine without oil when it would be so easy to Prelubricate before it is ever started?

Why Prelubricate Your Engine?
Here are some facts that have been proven many times and are considered common knowledge by Lubrication Engineers and Top Mechanics...

Over 80-90% of all engine wear occurs in the first 5-10 seconds when it is first started. Lack of lubrication causes friction, which causes the wear and damage that occurs. This damage is accelerated by the length of time between engine startes.
Prelubrication will increase engine life, reduce maintenance, decreased friction allows easier starting from the reduced current draw needed by the starter.
The resulting wear is accumulative... the "Dry Starting" of the engine causes "metal-to-metal" friction at initial startup, however Prelubrication of the engines with oil eliminates the normal scuffing and friction. "Dry Start" wear is Preventable...

After all your efforts and investments of both time and money, the last thing you want to happen is Engine Trouble! Or even worse, who wants to be driving their new rod across country tow, when something as simple as Prelubricating your engine before it was started could have prevented the "Dry Start" damage... damage to the cam, the fuel pump lobe, rocker arm, valve tip, or even a rod or main bearing. Since this type of damage accumulates, it is so important to stop it before it happens.

In the past it was a difficult and time consuming proposition to Prelubricate your engine. Now, with the MasterLube System you have many options and 2 unique methods to prevent "Dry Start" engine wear and damage.

Method 1...
With the MasterLube PreLubrication-Accumulator System, you get a state of the art Patented Electronic Valve & Cylinder that, once installed in your vehicle, is as simple to use as turning a switch, waiting 3 to 5 seconds for oil pressure to register on the vehicles gauge (your engine is now full prelubed), releasing the switch, and starting the engine!

Once the engine is running, the system will automatically be refilled with the oil that was just pushed into the engine. With the MasterLube System, you can always start your engine and have one less thing to worry about.

Method 2...
With our TurboLube System, you get the same quality system with a proprietary valve and "Mechanical Level Control" assembly that is designed Not to be Permanently Attached or Mounted to the vehicle. The TurboLube System is capable of Prelubricating the engines of multiple vehicles, using just one cylinder and valve assembly. By simply adding additional commercial/aviation quality nipple assemblies to each vehicle, you have a portable solution to prelube many vehicles... all with a single cylinder assembly.

Other Applications
Marine | Racing | Street Rod | Exotic • Collector | Motorcycle
Classic • Stock • Antiques | Commercial | Tow Vehicles | Aviation

"This is just the prelubrication system I have been looking for. I recently had a camshaft go 'flat'... with all the metal that went through the oiling system, I even had to change the bearings. What a pain! Your system was easy to install, and now I have oil pressure every time I start my engine... no more dry starts".
–Dr. K. Phillips
Miami, FL